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Silver Fantasy Marble Tile (Floor Ceramic Tile, Wall Ceramic Tile, Modern Interior Tile, Exterior Tile)

Silver Fantasy

Number: D695871BM

Divine Stone
The Taurus Mountains are a mountain complex in southern Turkey, dividing the Mediterranean coastal region of southern Turkey from the central Anatolian Plateau. Silver Fantasy limestone buried deep in the Aladaglar and Bolkar mountains has eroded to form karstic landscapes of waterfalls, underground rivers, and some of the largest caves in Asia. In 333 B.C., Alexander the Great believed cities shall remain the shape of eyrie, therefore he preserved the cities instead of conquering or changing them. Termessos was a Pisidian city built at an altitude of more than 1000 meters at the south-west side of the mountain Solymos in the Taurus Mountains. It lies 30 kilometers to the north-west of Antalya. It was founded on a natural platform on top of Güllük Dağı, soaring to a height of 1,665 meters from among the surrounding travertine mountains of Antalya. Concealed by pine forests and with a peaceful and untouched appearance, the site has a more distinct and impres-sive atmosphere than many other ancient cities.

  • 600x900mm 24"x36"
  • 900x900mm 36"x36"

Gani Ceramic Company, design and manufacture marble look ceramic tiles for indoor and outdoor decorating. As a China reputable Silver Fantasy polished ceramic tile manufacturer and supplier, Gani company provides ceramic wall tiles and porcelain floor tiles with a variety of patterns and custom cut size for choose. These Silver Fantasy marble effect tiles can be applied as ceramic kitchen ceramic tiles, bathroom tiles, living room floor tiles, etc. With large manufacturing base and rich experience, Gani can offer high quality ceramic tiles with competitive price.

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