GANI is Known as the Creator of Marble Tiles

GANI Ceramic Co., Ltd. got its start at 2002, and becomes the pioneer of a new porcelain category - marble tile industry. GANI has been focused upon the production of high-quality and eco-friendly marble tiles for many years. GANI's marble tiles could be installed on almost all the floors and walls, interior and exterior, and they could also be used as functional ornamental materials in furniture, kitchen, bathroom and etc. GANI has developed hundreds of marble tiles with various patterns, dimensions and textures. If required, GANI could also deliver custom marble tile design and manufacturing service for our customers. Details

Foshan Gani Ceramic Co., Ltd.
Floor 2-5, Tower 4, Smart New City, No.28 of Jihua Road 1st, Chancheng District, Foshan City, Guangdong Province, China